Bet your Botox these were NOT staged… for a change. Hee. And when Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman wakes up this morning to find these rare UNSANCTIONED images taken by Flynet of her released worldwide depicting an alarmingly receding hairline and a bump that never seems to grow, suffice to say the wheels will be put in motion for a set of more flattering photos. Perhaps a few of her rubbing a bigger belly, complete with full maquillage, and a doting husband kissing her forehead. Give it less than a week. Trust.

For now, feast your eyes if you dare on the Freeze coming out of what looks like a rather intense workout yesterday. My favourite rumour right now?

Many people in Hollywood are buzzing that there’s a surrogate. That she’s not really pregnant but that she will “deliver” in 6 months or so by a woman hired to carry her baby while Freeze wears a prosthetic.

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

But Gran would never, ever, ever lie…would she? Gran would never, ever marry a gay. Or deny freezing her face. Because Gran always, always tells the truth, right?

Of course she does. Gran is totally, totally pregnant.

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