She might be Australia’s princess but not all Aussies are enamoured with Granny Freeze. Turns out the smutmongering is in overdrive Down Under about Nicole Kidman’s curious bump and her crazy botox. The speculation is delicious.

Here are my two favourites:

1. Gran’s sister, the very fertile Antonia, is apparently keeping a very low profile. Has not ventured out publicly in a while. They say SHE is the surrogate.

Do you love it, or do you f&cking LOVE it?

2. according to online reports, there is a rumour circulating that there is a digital production company called Animal Logic that works on film enhancement that has been charged with the task of “re-animating the expressions on Nicole Kidman’s face for the movie Australia”. Thanks to Louisa for the tip! This is the same company that was also assigned to Moulin Rouge.

Can you imagine???

They have to digitally remaster her face because it no longer moves??? Can we even call her an actor anymore???

These are the days that I love my job.

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