Curious timing...

Yesterday I wrote about Nicole Kidman, wondering, even though it’s none of my goddamn business, as to the whereabouts of her first two children Isabella and Connor. Click here for a refresher. Judging from my inbox, it was easily yesterday’s most popular post. Seems like for many of you, even though it’s none of your goddamn business either, this has also been an intriguing dilemma.

Snippets of Kidman’s new interview with Hello! Magazine are being released along with the theatrical debut of Rabbit Hole, for which Gran will almost certainly earn yet another Oscar nomination. She does indeed address the subject of her older kids:

"They live with Tom, which was their choice. I'd love them to live with us, but what can you do?”

My parents were divorced for 10 years. I was 6 when they first separated. I lived in Canada with my dad. My ma returned to Hong Kong. I was too young to choose. Isabella and Connor “chose” Tom. Looking at the statement head on, it would mean that they preferred to live with their father over their mother. Other Thetans would attribute the “choice” to something more complicated. Can you call it a Choice if it’s been heavily encouraged or, perhaps more appropriately, pressured by the Xenu?

And, going back to my point from yesterday, if there was a sinister influence over the children, how do you weigh your reluctance to put them in the middle of a public battle over, or under, the fear that they’re being indoctrinated into a f-cked up system founded upon such controversial (to put it lightly) tenets? Would you fight? Or would you leave it to chance and hope?

Forget casting couches, cheaters, closet gays, and drug users – if I could teleport invisibly into any celebrity household, it would be theirs. Then I’d go over and hit up the Brange. This is a fun game. We should play it more often.

Also, on the subject of It’s None of Your Goddamn Business... if she talks about it, can we talk about it? I’m not asking facetiously.

Attached – Nicole and Keith Urban last week when the Lord visited Australia. 

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