Granny Sweet 16

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Thanks Anna for sending this. I love it so much.

Have you ever watched My Super Sweet 16? There have been times when I’ve had to self flagellate in order to stop from wasting an entire afternoon on a marathon of 16s on MTV. It’s the worst! But fascinating as hell.

The premise: rich parents plan the most ostentatious sweet 16 party ever for their kids, trying to one-up everyone else who’s ever been on the show. There are tantrums, there is hairpulling, there’s always a car at the very end. Like a car that’s worth more than your house.

But the car thing is getting old. It’s so done. The car needs to be replaced by a plane. How f-cked up is it that I’m no longer impressed by a Lexus?

Anyway, most of the events always have a theme.

This girl – her theme was Moulin Rouge. And special messages from celebrities were arranged to be played via video at the party.

Moulin Rouge…

Freezy Kidman…


Nicole Kidman would never, ever lower herself to My Super Sweet 16, right?


Click here to see!

Gran is very sweet and gracious and of course the kids were excited to see her.

But the question is:

How much did that cost?

You really think the Freeze did that for free?


Just for fun, am attaching some older photos. Remember what the GMD used to look like? It’s been a long time…

The one of her looking at Tom with Brad Pitt beside her, like he’s a puppy child, it kills me.

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