In 1988?

Just kidding!


Because Gran totally had her baby 2 weeks ago – remember? Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman’s daughter Sunday was born on a Monday. Just 4 days after that, a glowing Granny went out for lunch with friends. And as you can see, her stomach is totally concave again. Granny’s skinny genes helped her keep the weight off during pregnancy and they’re helping her take the weight off right after pregnancy. Same goes for her boobs. Granny’s boobs have stayed the same size too.

Gran is so much luckier than normal women, non? She didn’t get fat, her tits aren’t exploding, and somehow at 41, her skin is smoother than a zygote’s.

PS. My sources say Granny was totally put on the backburner for baby photos when the Holy Twins came down from heaven. Word is, Gran was huffing and puffing about Sunday’s devaluation and is incredibly upset and insulted that even some Australian publications appear to be saving for Knox and Vivienne instead of approaching with attractive bids for grandma’s miracle baby – thus the rationale behind “the high road” strategy: playing like she was never intending to sell the photos to begin with. Please.

Amazingly enough though, the paps have been able to find her pretty easily. Like down to the hour. After all, why waste those skinny genes, right?

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Source TFS