The Fertile Granny Freeze

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 9, 2007 07:15:56 November 9, 2007 07:15:56

Sweet Xenu, the woman won’t stop. One day after one-upping every other woman on the red carpet at the CMAs, Nicole Kidman showed up in NYC last night to attend a screening for Margot at the Wedding, said to be a lovely little movie in which her forehead actually shows some movement. Shocking.

Meanwhile, in support of Margot and the upcoming The Golden Compass, Nicole is now on promo circuit – her latest is an interview with Marie Claire in which she AGAIN discusses losing a pregnancy during the early part of her marriage to the GMD.

You will recall, just last month, Nicole made headlines everywhere when she revealed to Vanity Fair that she’d presumably miscarried, that it was one of the darkest periods of her life. As if that particular detail wasn’t personal enough, Nicole expressed to Marie Claire her disappointment that most people assumed that it was a miscarriage when in fact it was an ectopic pregnancy.

In other words, Nicole Kidman had to clarify to a reporter from a fashion magazine EXACTLY how she lost her baby. As she explains it:

"So it"s huge news, and it didn"t happen . . . It was incredibly traumatic for me. Sometimes you share your grief.”

Of course you share your grief. You share it as part of your plan for privacy. Because remember, Nicole LOVES privacy. And she is also hellbent on convincing you that she is a desirable, redblooded woman who can bear children.


Looking back, they really were the perfect couple.

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