I’ll add more photos as they become available but wanted to get this article off asap. Here’s Nicole Kidman, with Ang Lee, at the Palais in Cannes tonight. That dress looked familiar to me. I thought it might be Valentino Haute Couture. It sure looks like it. And it sure looks like the one Anne Hathaway was supposed to wear to the Oscars before her last-minute change into the pink Prada to avoid clashing with Amanda Seyfried, you remember? Click here for a refresher.

But she can wear a dress, can’t she? God she can wear a dress, Nicole Kidman. She can elevate a lesser dress. When it’s an exquisite dress, on her, it’s truly art.

Kidman was last on the carpet with an exhausted Keith Urban who’d come in to spend a few days with her after Idol. He’s gone now, back to the US to work on the new album. Her duties run until at least Sunday when the jury awards the Palme d’Or.