Maybe they’re not conventional granny pants, but here they just look so weird to me. Is it the angle? In combination with her turned out feet? That’s one thing about Granny Freeze – it’s what she has in common with Britney Spears. For all the elegance in the world then, it makes for a sh-tty gait.

This is Nicole Kidman in New York last night, all smiles after a promotional session for Rabbit Hole. Her name keeps showing up on Oscar Best Actress prediction lists for her performance in Rabbit Hole. Gran could be headed back to the Kodak and while actually winning might be unlikely, it’s an accomplishment nonetheless, and one she’ll be happy to lord over everyone, like my Gwyneth Paltrow who is desperate to get there too. Or Hilary Swank whose chances seem to be dwindling. I will throw a party to celebrate this.

Gran back at the Oscars as a nominee can only mean one thing: more freezing!

But goddamn, these pants...

Photos from Ryan Turgeon/