Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman accompanied Keith Urban to the CMT Awards last night in Nashville. She’s always treated like royalty at these events. And she sat like royalty too, in her prime seat, applauding the performances like they were specifically performed her, very regal in her gold dress, and giving us several glimpses of Third Lip. It’s been so long, I needed a hit.

She evidently needed a hit too. Because from this distance, from the front and the side, Third Lip, yep there she is, oozing out like two flaps from the top of her mouth pressed up against her trip, freshly squeezed for the summer, was on full display.

But remember... Gran is COMPLETELY natural. Remember this?

During the event, every moment they were together, Nicole and Keith, as usual, were totally loved up. He is very, very fortunate that he took care of his sh-t before infidelity became a national obsession, non? Imagine if Keith’s drug and cheating scandals happened around this time? At the same time as Tiger and Jesse James and Larry King and David Letterman?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, about public f-ck ups and the grounds for forgiveness. Keith Urban was exposed for drugging and addiction pretty much like 5 minutes after he and Nicole were married. Through their engagement he was allegedly f-cking around. And it was only after the tabloids got hold of his mess that he packed up immediately for treatment and let her team do the fixing. And they did. Because Gran has power. Gran has friends in very, very influential places.


No one even remembers. THAT took a lot of hard work. And he owes her for it.

Photos from Jason Merritt/