Granny Freeze has not let her prosthetic pregnancy get in the way of working out. This is Nicole Kidman with Keith Urban in Nashville yesterday at the gym. She’s like 8 months and I’m still fatter!

As fraud as she is though, can’t really fault her for this. She’s staying healthy, she’s staying in shape. It’s never a bad thing.

My trainer Hayley McGowan specialises in pregnant (pre-during-and-post) fitness. A close friend of mine, Julie, is expecting her second. She hasn’t skipped a beat. The key, I’m told, is heart rate. Shouldn’t get too high. Other than that, fake or not, you can still apparently bust your ass with a bump.

Ugh. If I had to suffer through the trauma of carrying a baby doing lunges is the last f&cking thing I’d do with my time. Sounds worse than Chinese water torture. Or listening to my mother sing Chinese opera. My husband almost didn"t marry me after listening to my mother sing Chinese opera. For real.

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