Poor Nicole Kidman. Since winning Oscar, her last several films have been total commercial failures. She is helping her husband battle substance abuse, not to mention his roving eye, she is struggling to maintain the façade of an arranged marriage, and she is valiantly fighting her 40s, blazing a trail to the plastic surgeon’s any time the hint of a line materialises on her face. Which is why I’m sure if she could actually move her face, the expression these days would be one of sadness and fatigue.

Living so many frauds must be exhausting.

And now, weeks before its schedule release, gossips are already dooming her new movie The Golden Compass which cost a reported $175 to make and supposedly sucks hard, possibly the latest in a string of flops for Nicole who is said to be desperate to cure her recent box office toxicity. But seriously… Daniel Craig is in The Golden Compass. And he looks hot. So how bad could it possibly be???

And in further defence of Granny Freeze, Margot at the Wedding is actually a wonderful little movie. Was able to catch a screening of it recently – great script, snappy dialogue, it’s Kidman at her best, and you won’t believe it… her forehead actually moves. Not as well as it used to but it’s also not distractingly immobile the way it was when she was promoting the film a couple of weeks ago – see attached.

See attached also of Nicole sharing the cover of Interview with Jennifer Jason Leigh. In the article, Nicole talks about her appearance, claiming she doesn’t obsess about her looks and only cares about being beautiful for her husband. Does this mean Keith Urban wants her to obsessively stick needles into her head?

Judging by the women he used to date, I’d say no. He liked ‘em curvy and he liked ‘em busty – real women he could get down with. So perhaps he’s much happier now? Word is Nicole’s gaining weight for a new role though I suppose putting on the pounds isn’t necessarily a cure for being frigid.

But do go see Margot at the Wedding, would you? She needs your support. And it really is a fine, fine film.