By Marchesa standards, this dress is relatively inoffensive. I’ve forgotten about it already. But I’m not sure we were meant to remember it anyway. Nicole has several big events coming up: Grammys (possible), BAFTAs, the Oscar nominees luncheon, and then of course the Oscars. As I say every year, the strategy is to bank the best dress for the Oscars. And the runners up for the ones just below the Oscars. The Directors Guild is not as high profile as any of the events just mentioned. But it is a way to placate Harvey Weinstein.

Lion is a Weinstein film. So Nicole has to rep Marchesa at least some of the time. Better to rep Marchesa at the Directors Guild Awards than at the Oscars. After the amazingness she gave us the SAGs in that green parroted Gucci, my GOD I hope she’s not forced to wear Marchesa at the Oscars.