Nicole Kidman went out for lunch in LA yesterday looking like a lady of leisure on a housewife show. a lot of volume.

Nicole’s next release won’t happen until May on HBO for Hemingway & Gellhorn. No doubt, as is often the case when movie stars make tv series, she’ll be nominated for an Emmy and then a Globe next year. Interestingly enough though, Julianne Moore is playing Sarah Palin in another HBO project. So it’s not like Nicole can walk away with it like Kate Winslet and etc. I can’t wait to see both. Feels like there’s more time now, especially on TV, to really grow a character, full explore her, and this has been especially fruitful for well drawn female characters which have never been abundant on film anyway.  

After that we wait for the release of The Paper Boy, Nicole alongside Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron as a woman who gets off on writing to prison inmates. So far in 2012 though, there’s nothing new for Nic on the schedule. They’re still working on the screenplay for The Family Fang - click here for the original post on that - and given the source material, I hope they take their time. It’s a perfect story to adapt to screen. And Kidman as Camille Fang, if done well, is a nomination guarantee, and quite possibly a win. These are the roles worth waiting for.