Nicole Kidman is shooting Paddington (yes, about the bear) in London. She plays a bad bitch called Millicent who presumably wants to stuff Paddington and hang him on her wall. As you can see, her character is a blonde, with a fringed bob. I love that a new generation of kids will now think this is the evil lady terrorising them and their teddy friends in bed.

I wish we could know more about how the director, the actor, and the costume designers and stylists come up with a “look” for a certain character beyond the standard junket interview. Like if only we could get in on those meetings, hear the conversation.

The bob, especially with the fringe, pushes Granny Freeze’s features closer together. As you know, with all that Botox and the fillers, her face already has that “pinched” feel about it. They always say an “open” face is one that’s more trustworthy. So it makes sense that they’re “closing” it off here, to drive home the point that Gran is not the friend of Paddington and therefore not our friend either. Paddington by the way is being voiced by Colin Firth.