I don’t know about this story. I don’t know about the source. It’s an Australian magazine called New Idea claiming a world exclusive one-on-one interview with Isabella Cruise, daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. REALLY?


We’ll work with it until we shouldn’t work with it anymore. Just so you know in the event it turns out bogus.  

Anyway, Isabella has apparently moved out now and is living with her boyfriend. There’s been implication that it’s perceived as a rebel move as a rejection of her dad but also of the Xenu...

And one of the results of her fledgling freedom might be that she’s reaching out to her mother again, or that she’s more receptive to the efforts that her mother has made to reach other to her. Isabella supposedly told New Idea that:

“I love mom. She's my mom. She's great. I see her sometimes and I speak to her. We’re a very close family. I love all of our family.”

That is...such a bizarre way to describe your relationship with your mother, isn’t it? I find it very stilted, very awkward, almost like she’s ...learning how to behave again. Word is the Church considered Nicole an “SP”, or a Suppressive Person and encouraged Isabella and Connor to keep their distance from her following the divorce. Nicole herself acknowledged that it was her children’s choice to live with their father, almost hinting that there were forces that were too powerful for her to fight. Or for her to want to fight.

It’s been over 10 years since the split. And it’s like Isabella, 20 this year, is almost... getting to know her mother again. And I wonder...how much longer will they allow this to go on before they bring her back? Before they PULL her back?

Attached - Nicole with Isabella and Connor in September 2001, 9 months after announcing her separation from Tom Cruise.