Never been a fan of Jimmy Choos. Don’t even think I’ve ever tried on a pair. They’re not my steeze. The Jimmy Choo aesthetic is very…Housewives, third marriage.

Having said that, it’s Nicole Kidman. And, as I always say about our Granny Freeze, she has a way of elevating looks that might not be at her level. Check out her first ads and the video below. Not bad, right? I mean, these aren’t the freshest shoes we’ve ever seen. And, frankly, there’s a much cheaper version that’s almost exactly the same at your local mall, guaranteed. At a hundred dollars, they’re probably a lot more attractive, you know what I mean? But if I’m spending $600 on a pair of heels, I want them to be a little more exclusive.

Still, I love this red bob on her. She should do it more often. It takes years off of her which is what she keeps trying to accomplish with all those injections. Speaking of injections, those lips are bigger than ever. And not even Nicole Kidman can make those sunglasses work.