Poor thing looks like she’ll give herself an aneurysm in the process but still… shocker of all shockers – Nicole Kidman is actually still able to twitch her forehead. Can you believe it?

Nicole was in court in Australia Monday testifying against a paparazzo claiming she was “scared” by his tactics, showing off the full might of her Oscar qualifications in telling a rapt audience of a frightening incident during which she alleges she was pursued by a photographer and as such put in danger.

Australia’s princess threatened!

Let’s conveniently overlook therefore that Nicole is said to employ a personal pap for well timed “candid” releases whenever she has something to say – be it whether or not she’s sporting a baby bump or those few occasions she does get to spend with her children, somehow it’s always captured on camera.

Coincidence or conspiracy???

But back to the Freeze, shall we?

As she was leaving the courthouse yesterday, Nicole managed to produce a furrow which she also apparently is able to achieve in Margot at the Wedding, described brilliantly in this review from the esteemed salon.com. Too true.

Kidman is a nimble and sensitive performer, and it"s clear she tackled this less-than-glamorous role pretty gingerly. But even though Kidman claims, in the current issue of Marie Claire, that she is "completely natural," there"s no way around the question: What has she done to her face? The question of actors (men and women) and plastic surgery is a delicate one, but at this point, it"s disingenuous to pretend not to notice any change. Kidman"s skin is, without a doubt, beautiful. But it has turned into her greatest limitation, a boundary beyond which she can"t stretch. In one scene, the camera lingers on her face (she"s gotten herself into a situation that she can"t get out of) and we"re left to concentrate, for too long, on the great effort it takes her to furrow her brow. She finally comes up with something -- two smooth little bumps between her eyebrows -- but the effort it cost her just couldn"t have been worth it. It"s terrible that anyone should have to age in Hollywood, given the cruelty of the industry, and of human beings in general: There"s no getting around the pressures that performers face. But more and more actresses are choosing beauty over expressiveness, as if the two were mutually exclusive. If only there were a way to make them see that they"re mutilating not just their faces but their talent.

Thanks Elizabeth, thanks Gina!