Don’t miss the Third Lip

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 9, 2009 08:06:28 September 9, 2009 08:06:28

From the side.

You’ve seen it straight on. You’ve seen Granny’s engorged mouth flaps from the front. But how about the side view?

The side view offers new angles. New appreciation for the pillowy plumpness of Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman’s “totally natural” lips. So natural she has three of them.

Gran and Keith Urban were back at the US Open last night for the Williams Pennetta match. Not sure if it was past their bed time for Rafa and Monfils. Oh Rafa. So f-cking cute. Especially when a Twi-Hard rushed him after the match and he actually moved in for a hug.

Sorry, I digress…

We were discussing Kidman’s Third Lip. The one that seems to squeeze out from under the top. Like the bottom layer of a well twirled ice cream cone. Or a small donut stacked on top of a larger one.

Memo to Gran’s surgeon – the immobilisation of her face doesn’t hold up too well from this vantage point. I actually see 3 wrinkles. This is not usually a problem because, on film, Gran is rarely shot from profile, and when she is, they use brushes to make that sh-t disappear.

The paps, however, show no such mercy.

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