Nicole Richie is fighting for her right to get high and drive the wrong way on a freeway. TMZ is reporting that she will plead not guilty to try to avoid prison time for her DUI – her 2nd. If convicted, Nicole will spend a measly 5 days behind bars – significantly less time than Hollywood Ebola.

Apparently Nicole and her team feel that what she did doesn’t merit a stint in jail.

Bitch… please!!!

Girl should be dragging her skin and bones to Buddha every day to give thanks she didn’t kill someone. And if that were my Chinese ass with my wonky eye going up instead of down an on ramp to the highway, my crazy mother would drag me down to the courthouse herself to beg Meester Jutchie (Mr Judge) to send me away for at least a fortnight.

And if the drug driving business isn’t enough to get her in to the slammer, how about the fact that she’s actually friends with that f&ckin’ disease Paris Hilton?

Seriously, what is five days in the life of someone who does nothing anyway?

Here’s Nicole yesterday wearing yet another loose fitting dress to further encourage speculation about whether or not she’s pregnant. Many of you who’ve written in response to my suggestion in last week’s post about her being too thin to ovulate seem to be in agreement. Something about body fat and getting your period…

Those who believe the pregnancy rumours however have pointed out that her boobs seem ever so slightly bigger and her thighs too. But she does love the attention, doesn’t she?

PS. Those old school RayBans again. From Brad Pitt to Kiki D to Nicole Richie… have they replaced the white bug-eyes?