Joint report in the National Enquirer and Star Magazine, always reliable of course, about Nicole Richie – that she has entered rehab for anorexia and addiction. According to the story, Nicole was seen with an overnight bag checking into a treatment facility on May 19th.

Interestingly enough however, her rep issued a denial, but has also not directly disputed the claims. Instead, a statement has been released insisting that Nicole is at home in Glendale at the moment without a denial that she had been admitted into rehab a few days ago. The publicist also goes on to note that Nicole is seeing a therapist that happens to also be located in the same building and that Nicole is sober , though sobriety, as it is for all recovering addicts, often for the rest of their lives, is an ongoing process….all this coming on the heels of the Joel Madden break up rumours and almost 2 weeks during which the oft-photographed Richie has not been seen by the pappies.

Translation: she totally went to rehab.

But remember – relapse is a part of recovery. Please don’t let there be bad smt here.

Here’s Nicole with Hollywod Ebola in the pages of the new Harper’s Bazaar – a friend who keeps selling her out. Paris Hilton will drag anyone down with her.  Rather cheeky photo shoot, don"t you think? Hopefully the LA Attorney"s Office will not be impressed.