In the battle of the whites, without a doubt, Nicole absolutely thumped her rival. Then again, style has never been her issue, right? BUT – I’m resolving NOT to rag about the weight thing anymore. She has a problem, she’s acknowledged (sort of) that she has a problem. And just as it’s not kind or charitable or gracious to criticise someone for being fat, I’m choosing in this case NOT to criticise her for being thin. Hollywood starvation, extreme diets to meet superficial standards – that is worthy of scorn. This, however, is something else. It is a sickness, it is sad, so let’s just hope she deals. In the meantime, about that reconciliation on Letterman? Have you heard these rumours? Nicole and Paris to make up on late night television? I’ll believe it when I see it. No offence to Dave, I do love him so, but he consistently loses out to Leno in the ratings. And for this kind of stunt – wouldn’t you want maximum coverage? Photo source