Biggest news in gossip today. On the heels of her serious abuse and pervy porn allegations against Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards has been spotted on a romantic date with none other than Richie Sambora. The same Richie Sambora who is in the middle of divorce proceedings with Heather Locklear. The same Heather Locklear who is/was great friends with Denise Richards. And you still don"t believe me when I say this girl"s reputation starts with a C??? Suffice to say, my longwinded dissertation yesterday about NOT jumping on the Death to Charlie bandwagon is now even more relevant than ever. Must have received over 200 emails from many of you reminding me of those long buried rumours that Denise was actually one of the Heidi Fleiss girls. I"ll save my Chinese ass for the sake of lawsuits and make it clear that this is JUST conjecture… but according to a LOT of people in Hollywood, Denise was indeed a workin" girl. Anyway, enough about the divorce. Let"s focus on the new affair, shall we? There are a few lovey dovey shots from of the two hand in hand, snuggly wuggly over the weekend. And then there are several more salacious ones - of them kissing and straddling on a balcony. So what"s the real story? Trust me, everyone is climbing over everyone else to try and find out. But by all accounts, it came on really suddenly, almost timed perfectly by one party or the other. I""ll keep you posted. From a PR perspective however, the early score goes to Team Sheen. And judging by your reactions to it in my inbox, all of a sudden, Denise doesn"t seem so popular. Funny how that works, non?