After Ebola – sweat it out

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 30, 2010 10:12:46 March 30, 2010 10:12:46

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were photographed a couple of days ago out for a run with friends. Or whatever their version of running is. Over the weekend Nicole ran into Ebola Paris Hilton, the first time the two were spotted together publicly in a long time. As you know, since Nicole has had her children, she’s pretty much stayed away from that piece of diseased sh-t.

But it was a Victoria’s Secret party. And Joel and Benji Madden were DJ’ing. And Ebola showed up and pounced right away, engaging her former BFF in conversation – the photo is here, please click to see so we can play Photo Assumption.

Look at Nicole’s face as she’s talking to it.

It seems way more invested in the discussion. Like, omg what a great photo opp; people care about you, Nicole, more than they care about me these days; I need some of your rub. And meanwhile Nicole is praying for the viral exposure to be over, politely nodding, and covering her chest with one hand, trying to protect herself from infection, trying not to breathe the poison.

Nicole isn’t stupid. She doesn’t want the drama. So she’s not going to publicly declare war. That would only serve its purposes. Hopefully she was trying her best to escape unscathed, no posing together on the carpet, and – so far at least – no follow-up outing with the paps attached. Instead, she went out right away for some exercise. To expel the toxins. Smart.

Be well Nicole. It will stop at nothing to suck itself back in.

Oh and by the way – just in case you’ve forgotten how vile it is, just in case you’ve forgotten that Ebola is indeed Ebola... Click here. That sh-t doesn’t change. EVER. (Thanks Katie.)

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