With EXACTLY a week to go before her scheduled court date on DUI charges, Nicole Richie has landed the cover of Us Weekly – 12 weeks pregnant and perhaps engaged, ending weeks of BabySpec and perfectly timed too. Coincidence or conspiracy? Don’t doubt for a second she wasn’t intentionally whipping it into a frenzy.

Can they? Will they? Throw an expectant woman behind bars…even if only for a few days?

Some nasty gossips are even suggesting she, um, never would have gotten to this point had it not been for her legal woes. Others are saying she and Joel Madden are genuinely, deeply in love. And while they didn’t exactly plan for it, also can’t imagine it not happening either.

Whatever the case, by the time she shows up in court next week, you can bet your boob job Nicole will have carefully and strategically selected an ensemble that will show off her delicate condition. Can’t wait.