Nicole Richie behind a giant pillow on her way from LAX to Calgary with Joel Madden. Good Charlotte is scheduled to take the stage at Stampede tonight – yee hawwww!!! Of course you know tomorrow was supposed to be the start of her DUI trial though her attorneys have now asked for an extension and there will be a hearing tomorrow to determine whether or not the extension is granted. As such, Nicole is reportedly not expected to be in court tomorrow though the “cosmetics” of the situation can’t be good.

Due in court the next day but disrespectful enough to gallivant over to another country to be with your baby daddy at a rock show?

If her judge is anything like Paris’s, it will not go over well. And for someone who’s desperately trying to avoid jail time, you’d think she be on her best behaviour, dressing in white and going to church and clasping her hands around the Bible and all.

But theirs is an intense, dramatic love – unable to be apart for more than a few hours, Nicole clearly couldn’t let Joel head to Calgary and the infamous Cowboys without her watchful eye.

And going by some of the photos of what actually goes down at that place… I guess I don’t blame her.