What are your thoughts on Nicole Richie? I happen to love her, even though IS totally anorexic. She does have amazing style though. Any new gossip on her? Dear Shannon: Between Paris and Nicole, I"ll take Nicole any day. And you"re right, I think she"s got a certain style thing going on too. But the girl is desperately in need of my proverbial avocado IV and until she puts on some weight, I"m not giving her any more space than I have to on my site. Especially since she"s dating that f*ckin" moron SteveO from Jackass. And while we"re at it…what exactly does Nicole Richie do??? At least Paris is pretending to have a music career and a modeling career and an acting career. She might suck at all of it but still…there"s tangible proof that it"s there. Nicole??? What is her J-O-B? and don"t tell me about her book. I know about her book. Hollywood people don"t write their own books. They get a manicure and sit there and yap while someone else takes notes and puts it all together with a pink cover and a famous name on the front. So back to my question. What does Nicole Richie actually do???