Baby fever. It takes over everything. And suddenly everyone purees . From my Gwyneth to Nicole Richie – it’s a mommy puree party and I’m not invited! Boo!

Still, even this baby hating shrew can’t help but be charmed by these images of Nicole Richie with her cute baby Harlow. Love the name Harlow. Nicole and Joel and Harlow appear in People this week in advance of Nicole’s appearance on Chuck and the Richie Madden Children’s Foundation’s continuing efforts to support disadvantaged mothers.

I love the mother Nicole.

And she’s beautiful.

And when she says her life revolves around her child, I believe her. When she says that she spends the day organising Harlow’s “schedule”, I believe her. When she says she doesn’t shop that much anymore, go out very often and not too late either and that she no longer shops her tits off, I believe her.

So much so that I’m willing to believe that she perhaps she hasn’t cut off friendship with that f&cking disease Ebola Hilton because she thinks the virus is best kept not angry but at arm’s length. That in order to protect Harlow from infection, Ebola must be gradually phased out. A long, long, LONG term break up that even Ebola won’t notice until it’s too late. You’ve phased out a friend like that before, haven’t you?

Is Nicole doing the same? Hope.

For more of Nicole and Joel in People, click here. You will love when she talks about her Harlow journals. It’s pretty sweet.