So hard to tell these twats apart, especially when their bodies, their men, and even their wombs are all starting to tick the same way.

Joel Madden reunited with Nicole Richie yesterday after spending a few weeks apart while Good Charlotte was touring Australia and Europe. They’re now in New York and last night stepped out with Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson.

Not hard to see the similarities. Piercings, boys with eyeliner and many, many tats, two girls who don’t to eat, famous for…nothing, really. And now they have babies in common too! Seriously… it’s getting old.

Like Papa Joe’s lame ass hustle.

Apparently he’s been trying to pimp out Ashlee’s pregnancy story to the tune of a million dollars. Only problem is – as you all know – no one gives a sh*t! Which is why the market value for the exclusive has been set more reasonably at $60K – best.insult.ever.

Because for some stars, ONE candid photo, never mind an interview and several portrait shots, can command $60K. Poor Ashlee unfortunately has been reduced to bargain basement value under the mismanagement of her father.

Joe Simpson is like that loser uncle/brother/cousin we all have. The family member always workin’ some cockamamie scheme, who never amounts to anything, who will always piss it all away, who needs to borrow from his old mother in a senior’s home to pay off those gambling debts.

Joe Simpson would have been That Guy, but he found a silly woman to marry and knock up.

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