Brilliant, non? After weeks and weeks of whipping the media in a frenzy, of speculation about a pregnancy, after disappearing from the public eye, not photographed clearly for what feels like an eternity, Nicole Richie has finally agreed to a sit down tell-all dirty dish interview with Diane Sawyer on August 3rd, just a week before she is due in court to address her DUI.

Well played.

And that geriatric old cow Barbara Walters must be foaming at the mouth at having lost another high profile interview.

Word is ABC is going for broke, trying to negotiate an interview during which the two would “walk” together somewhere so as to maximise all angles to show off Nicole’s body and whatever might be inside of it. And, aware of the reaction that followed when Barbara seemed to let Paris off too lightly when she spoke with her from prison, Diane is expected to push her on Joel Madden and Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan…not quite the questions we would ask but not soft balls either.

August 3rd… stay tuned.