Chill. I’m not saying she’s where she should be. But compared to what she’s been, given that what she has is clearly a serious illness, let’s give the girl her due for some small, miraculous steps. Nicole Richie in Cabo with Joel Madden and have a look at that little bum. It’s little, alright…but it’s also got a little meat, even a little curve around her waist. Lovely, non? Yes. I hear you. Stop screaming. The ribs are still showing, I see them. But don’t tell me there’s no improvement. Because there is. You don’t look at her and expect her to drop dead. THAT is an improvement. Nicole in love with Joel Madden. Nicole in love with Joel Madden and Nicole also eating with Joel Madden. Joel Madden + Nicole Richie = Healthy Nicole? Oh wait…modification: Joel Madden + Nicole Richie – Vicodin = Healthy Nicole? Much better. Source