Us Weekly is reporting that Nicole"s friends are reporting that the Vicodin/pot/driving on the wrong side of the highway/DUI arrest incident was brought on by her period. Apparently her cramps were so hardcore she needed to pop a few pills. Right. Let"s suspend disbelief for a moment, shall we? Just for argument"s sake, let"s - just for fun, because no one is buying this anyway - play devil"s advocate. Squeamish boys and prudes who bitch about impropiety need not continue reading. Don"t say I didn"t warn you. Now if memory serves, from all those women"s health seminars, isn"t it true that one stops getting her period when she"s grossly underweight? So here"s Nicole. We all know what she looks like, how little she is - allegedly 85 pounds, she says she"s been putting on weight and assuming she hasn"t been getting her period because of starvation and assuming that she really has gained oh about 10 pounds, is it physiologically possible that Aunt Flow has come back in a hurry? And is it possible that upon her return, after months and months of absence, Aunt Flow"s arrival was a little...violent? Necessitating some over the counter assistance? Sorry for the raunch. But this is the kind of thing we"d talk about at my book club. Again...not likely the scenario, most of you believe she"s a cracked out anorexic anyway, but still...Since a mainstream publication seems to be dishing on Lady Issues, we might as well go one step further. Us Weekly