Nicole Richie is rarely this heavily made up. But yesterday, out for “friendly” lunch with Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton caked it on. She also met with Billy Bush and Access Hollywood the same afternoon.

Clearly Monday was Nicole’s Media Day and while Access Hollywood is understandable, you have to wonder – what exactly does Nicole owe Ebola to have to pay her back with such a megawatt photo op?

Because, gossips, this was only a photo op…nothing more. Though they are not enemies, they are also no longer close. I’m told Joel prefers it that way. And word is Nicole herself has moved on from Paris’s inconsequential dramas, a decision reinforced recently at her baby shower, where my sources tell me Paris pulled out photos of herself and passed them around, totally upstaging the star of the day.

Major Girl Code Violation. But then again, it’s Paris Hilton. Every party is about Paris Hilton, non?

So here they are at Forte’s, Paris looking appropriately smug and Nicole just trying to get through the ordeal. Hilariously enough, Paris is now pulling the “turn the cameras on them” routine – seen in her car with her sister taking mini camera shots of the paps… who SHE CALLED HERSELF to alert them to her whereabouts.

Why can’t Kevin Federline knock this bitch up and take this whore down?

photos from Wenn