Despite the recent fever over her new friendship, it appears Paris still has room for Nicole and the two of them were out together on a Britney Break at the Volkswagon Concept event last night. As you can see, Paris looks totally fried –presumably the result of days and days of acting as Britney’s personal pussy pimping party planner, the toll of which has now settled beneath her eyes and onto her skin. Nicole on the other hand looks fantastic…gives me great pleasure to see her looking healthier than Ebola, there’s a glow on her face, a remarkable glow from a long-awaited sense of relief - do you see the same thing or am I totally projecting? Maybe I’m projecting. After all, I love Nicole Richie. I love her attitude, I love her style, because Gwynnie loves her style, I think she’s so pretty in an interesting, non-generic way, and above all, I like that there’s a certain mystery about her – you think you know but do you really know? I’m telling you…Nicole Richie is the true BFF for Britney. But something tells me Paris is doing all she can to keep them apart. The Classic Cockblock – do you love it, or do you LOVE it? Source