So I was slow getting on the Grey’s bandwagon. VERY SLOW. Never watched an episode until last week, when I rented the first season dvd and got completely junkied. LOVE Isaiah Washington. LOVE my home girl Sandra Oh! The show is pure genius and Ellen Pompeo is an appealing lead character. But Oh.My.Lagerfeld…why hasn’t anyone intervened??? I mean, this is WORSE than Renee Zellweger at her worst. This is borderline Nicole Richie. And covering it up under flowing award show gowns and black trousers at the upfronts ain’t foolin’ no one. Please, someone, anyone, save Ellen Pompeo. Because she is a delightful actor. She has definitely found her groove. And I mean this in the most selfish way possible - If Goddess forbid that show has to go on hiatus for any longer than necessary just because she forgot how to eat, you better be ready for some serious Chinese insane triad bitch fury raining down on Ellen’s bony little ass. Mark it.