Once upon a time, not too long ago, I would moan and groan that "gossip don"t pay" which is why I was unable to post as often as I do now. This used to annoy some people. They"d write to me and complain about the fact that I complained about it too much. Thank Goddess for condoms. Condoms pay for gossip, video games pay for gossip, and now hair products pay for gossip. Yes smuthounds - I am a sell out. But I"m still a gossip and I"m still a nasty bitch and when I get to be all three at the same time courtesy of a celebrity victim…well, needless to say, it"s a good hair day. Which brings me to Sunsilk - a new line of 6 colour coded three-way systems for every hair affliction. They"re calling it therapy for your hair. I like to call it a hair orgy. And now that Nicole Richie seems to be eating more frequently, I’m thinking some hairapy might be in order. Here she is at the TMobile event the other night. You see how devastating starvation can be? I mean, never mind almost dying, the worst tragedy is that you absolutely wreck your tresses. Look at those bangs!!! Bangs??? Fried up bangs??? Seriously y’all…a broken heart is NO excuse for fried up bangs and a failed engagement is definitely no excuse for a mismatched, two-tone top and bottom. I’m thinking the Yellow Line for “flatness” would be a good start, followed up by the Masque for some hydration. And of course a steady dose of food. After all, is life worth living if you have sh*tty hair?