There was a report this week that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are having marriage problems. This is one of those marriages that people are always keeping an eye on, because of Nicole’s past but also because they got together and had children when they were pretty young. But it’s been almost 10 years. Next year it’ll be 10 years since they started dating. By Hollywood standards, especially of their generation, that counts as an enduring relationship.

Here are Nicole and Joel, looking totally fine, leaving the Good Charlotte show at the Troubadour last night. During the performance, Nicole was in VIP with her dad, Lionel Richie, some friends, and Cameron Diaz, her sister-in-law. They all looked like they were having a really great time. As you know, Cam and Nicole are not Rhea Durham and Jenny McCarthy. They’ve become very close. They’ve merged their squads. And that’s one reality that celebrities actually do share with us – when you marry, you marry a community. Sometimes you are obliged to tolerate that community. If you’re lucky that community helps to keep that marriage healthy. I feel like this is how it’s working for the Madden brothers and their wives.