As hypothesised the other day – Nicole Richie appears to be phasing out Hollywood Ebola and in doing so undramatically, she leaves Paris no opportunity to use the end of a friendship to fuel her own agenda.

If true…

Well played, well played.

More evidence? Here’s Nicole last night in NYC with old friend Mischa Barton who does not get on with Paris Hilton. In fact, the two despise each other. Which makes this outing even more intriguing, especially since Nicole has yet to be seen with Paris since her pregnancy speculation started swirling. And still she has made a point of going out and getting photographed with Barton very publicly.

Has Nicole Richie survived and conquered Ebola?

Hope and pray.

And look how lovely she is! Gorgeous, glowing, and that bump is so big!

As for Mischa… you will note she walked behind Nicole to give her her due. And she did not deck herself out in pink and parakeets to monopolise all attention. I approve. Do you?