She must have been pulling an MK Olsen move at the Women in Film Crystal Lucy Awards in LA last night – Nicole Richie dressing for the esoteric and it’s not so much the Audubon inspired dress print but that the dress itself is not flattering…at all.

Needless to say, it will also likely spark a new round of pregnancy speculation. Once a week baby bump fever rears its boring head. Ugh.

What’s more interesting? That Nicole Richie chose to wear something that does not make it look as though her body is begging for food. In the past it was almost a taunt – the more we called her grossly skinny, the less she’d wear to show us how grossly skinny she was.

These days, it appears Nicole’s relationship with her body – and therefore with her food – has improved. She is willing to not look rail thin. Shocking, non?

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