Sandra Bullock and the Best (and worst) of 2010 cover the new issue of People Magazine, the final issue of 2010. As noted yesterday, despite paying for exclusive photos from the wedding, they shoved Nicole Richie in the corner. It’s a tricky business, deciding on a cover. Who goes where, and why?

Last week an online survey was sent out to “points” members soliciting their opinion about the next issue of People with several options to choose from. One of those options was Eva Longoria, as attached, all by herself. The other option, originally, was actually Eva Longoria in that corner position instead of Nicole.

As we know now, Nicole ended up stuck in the corner and, since People wouldn’t want to blow off this Eva exclusive, she might get her own cover to open the New Year. After all, she’s telling all about why she left her husband. Not a bad way to kick off 2011 with a headline grabbing dishy splash on the MiniVan’s entertainment Bible. I love how the shot they’ve selected is all like Dynasty soap opera though. Like, my husband is a cheater but don’t I still look great in a fancy gown?

So Eva has to wait an extra week for her big reveal. Unless of course some crazy sh-t goes down that pushes her into a corner too. You never, never, EVER know. It’s been a week of breakups. Maybe there’s an even bigger one on the way. This is not a clue or hint to anything.

Thanks to a very lovely reader for the Eva Longoria screencap!

UPDATE: Looks like we spoiled the party and People Magazine isn’t happy. I’ve been contacted by the marketing firm that conducts the cover story surveys, asking to have this pulled down. So Eva Longoria is selling all about her divorce to People. And we get to read all about it.