Check it out. Nicole Richie’s booking photo yesterday. Cute, non? The secret when it comes to these girls is obviously dipping the chin. I try to remember this now when my friends are waving their cameras around at parties for immediate posting on Facebook. Funny thing is – have you had a passport photo taken recently? Because of increased security concerns, the guidelines for acceptable photos are super strict. Last year I gave it 4 go’s before passing the photo test. Of course it had to be the ugliest one.

Love how prison pics in LA have become like glamour shots.

So anyway, as you’ve probably heard, Nicole Richie cleverly capitalised on Lilo’s drama yesterday and turned herself in. She was booked and processed and whatever else it is that they do, attended by her lawyer and Joel Madden, sent to sit in a cell for all of 82 minutes, and then released due to overcrowding. Nicole’s terrible, terrible ordeal has come to end.