Nicole Richie has breasts! And a little growing belly!

Here they are – Nicole with Joel protectively guiding her, out and about in LA. I have to tell you, after watching her interview with Diane Sawyer, I am completely charmed. I love Nicole Richie. My Gwyneth loves her too.

As for that one problem, that little viral problem, the friendship with Hollywood Ebola - there are 2 ways you can break up with a friend.

The first is full on drama and name-calling, cussing each other out, asking others to take sides, posting hateful messages on Facebook and MySpace. Don’t even bother telling you don’t know what I mean.

The second is a more pragmatic approach: for whatever reason you’ve outgrown your friend. Or in Nicole’s case, she’s done with Paris Hilton’s toxic influence and wants to protect her child from Ebola infection.

Paris being Paris, the diseased twat that she is, the uglier the better. The nastier the situation, the more she thrives, the more she uses the situation to her advantage.

But if Nicole doesn’t feed it, if Nicole simply tolerates her, gives back the bare minimum without too much risk or participation, Paris has no room to manoeuvre, no story to spin, no attention to seek. Which is why Paris so happily answered the other day when asked about Nicole’s pregnancy, eager for any opportunity to bask in the spotlight on someone else’s back. She told People Magazine Nicole will be the best mom ever.

Nicole meanwhile has kept her distance.

Is Nicole Richie phasing out Ebola? I think so, yes. You?