Nicole Richie headed to a meeting yesterday in skinny jeans and very, very high heels. Sigh. I love her. And lately I seem to be obsessed with her nose. Nicole Richie has a great nose. I have a hawk nose. I wish I could replace my hawk nose with Nicole’s nose. But work only begets more work. And pretty soon I’d look like Nicole…but Kidman.

Anyway, many of you have written to ask about Nicole Richie and Gossip Girl. Would be all over Nicole Richie on Gossip Girl. Only that story originated from Star Magazine. That’s all.

As for the “new” Nicole continuing to impress… when was it that Harlow was born? January right? So it’s been five months. Five months and Nicole is back to pre-baby form but not looking sickly skinny. Thin, yes. But not on death’s door.

How you can tell? Well the tops of her thighs still touch. It’s sexy, non? Let’s hope it stays!

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