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The Block magazine in Canada has a great shoot featuring Nicole Richie on newsstands across the country now. LOVE this image of her in Burberry Prorsum. I also want that green Prada dress. Elianna Lev was the writer. I like this part of the interview:

While researching Nicole Richie as a designer, I asked my friends in the fashion industry, ranging from stylists to editors to shopkeepers, to tell me what they’d want to know from her first hand. The majority wrote back excitedly with nuanced questions to satisfy their own stylish curiosity: “How would she suggest I wear the Winter Kate Jezebelle jacket?” (It’s up to the person wearing it to decide what works for them.) “Where does she source her fucking amazing vintage silks?” (All over, but mostly India.)

I explain to Richie how 99 percent of my fashion-focused friends were unabashedly excited about our interview and eager to contribute questions. “Well, what did that other one per cent have to say?” she asks, sounding the teeniest bit wounded.

They need approval. Always.

Click here for more info on The Block.

Anyway, here’s Nicole leaving the gym yesterday. As noted last week, she’s been hitting it hard lately. It’s good. She looks good. Healthy. And not the LeAnn Rimes kind of healthy. Those days are supposed to be in Nicole’s past.

Since we’re on the subject of fitness, am also attaching pictures of Emma Stone at pilates yesterday. And, per your emails, what I’ll be doing while you’re reading this. I’ve written this article to post when I’ll be training with Hayley. It’s our last session before I leave tomorrow for Toronto, then Barbados on Friday. I know it’s going to be a brutal ass-kicker when she sends me my workout BEFORE I do it. It’s because she wants to psyche me up.

Thank you, again, for all your messages for Hayley. She’s been writing back to everyone with personalised plans and sometimes that takes time. A lot of common themes are emerging though. And once we figure out how to present that information – soon – we’ll get it up for the blog.

Anyway, hopefully by this sentence, I’ll be halfway through or almost finished:

Elaine: bikini ready here we come! your workout on tuesday will focus on your arms, your abs, your glutes and hamstrings and high intensity cardio intervals

warmup - 5 minutes easy jog on the treadmill followed by 4 x 400m intervals at 85% of your max heart rate (you will get 30 seconds to recover between each interval)

first set will focus on your arms and core

bosu plank/puhsups - 15 right arm leads
stability ball situps with 15 dumbell right arm chest presses (do the press at the same time as the situp)
right side stability ball oblique crunches - 20
bosu lateral hopping squats with dumbell punches as you hop over - 30 seconds
bosu dumbell squat/bicep curls - 20
medicine ball jumping jacks - 30 seconds
bench tricep dips - 20
repeat but do the first 3 exercises focusing on your left side

2 x 400 meters at .5mph faster than last set - 15 seconds break between each

second set will focus on legs/core
lunge/medicine ball toss - 20 each side (back foot is up on a bench)
20 jump squats
straight arm side plank with lateral leg lift - 20 each side
15 hamstring curls
15 situps with feet on a ball reaching for your toes
3 x 20 seconds bicycle abs as fast as you can
1 minute front plank

2 x 400 meters at .5 mph faster than last set - 15 second break

3rd set will do everything
walking lunges with bicep curl/shoulder press each step - 16 total
12 pushups - 3 seconds down, 1 second up
cable core squats
single leg cable deadlift with single arm row
10 pushups - 3 seconds down/1 seconds up
walking lunges with bicep curl/shoulder press
8 single leg hamstring curls

2 x 400m at .5mph faster than last set

core set to finish

15 medicine ball sit ups
20 stability ball transfers
15 medinice ball vsit rotations
15 jackknifes each side
15 superman


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