Did you watch Nicole Richie with Diane Sawyer this morning? Whoever coached this girl deserves a gold star. And unlike that old fool Larry King, Diane did throw a few hardballs, pressing Nicole at one point: do you get it? do you understand??? Do you know how many people could have been hurt? How do you know you won’t do this again???

And you know what? Call me Cruise but I believed her. That’s how well she sold it. She sold it so well that you want to buy.

The key, I think, is to say the right things. She did not deny drug use – as Ebola did on CNN – and she did not make excuses. Nicole did not paint a portrait of herself as a “kind and sweet” person misunderstood by the public. Instead, she acknowledged that she was irresponsible, that she had lived a worthless life, that “denial” was her game, and that she is choosing to change, admitting that she “never took it seriously before”. Several excerpts from the interview can be seen here.

As for the Vicodin issue – Nicole says she had taken it early in the day for menstrual cramps and had no idea it would have that kind of effect. You chuckle. I chuckle. And Joel, who was sitting next to her throughout, chuckled too. Like – you idiot, how could you not know?! To me it was a spontaneous moment, even an affectionate one. Can’t help it, I was totally sold.

I like Nicole Richie. I like her a lot. And if she can actually rid herself of that virus, if she can actually gradually, without drama, grow out of her friendship with Paris Hilton, it really would be a full blown love.

Can Nicole Richie overcome Ebola?