She’s SO cute.

Nicole Richie and Harlow showed up at CNN for Larry King Live yesterday. According to the Larry King Live website, Nicole and her father Lionel will appear together on the show on Thursday.

I love that Lionel Richie is now introduced as Nicole Richie’s father. Heh.

Not that I don’t love Nicole, because I do, and am all over her image rehab, and hope she’s finally done with Ebola, but …

Doesn’t Harlow have a nanny?

Haven’t seen the interview yet, maybe Harlow’s a part of the interview, which in itself is awkward, but assuming that Harlow isn’t a part of the interview, sitting across the desk from Larry, what then would have been the purpose of bringing her along, where the paps were waiting in a scrum?

It’s part of the game, part of the job. But this, this seems a stretch… even though Harlow’s hairstyle is f-cking adorable. And that’s the point, I guess. The MiniVan loves it.

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