Nicole Richie took her kids to the indoor playground in LA yesterday. Look at those pictures from Sasha’s previous post. Some of them are from 2007. And just three years later, Nicole is, to date, one of the only successful Ebola survivors known to man. Instead of hanging at the club every night, she now spends part of her day at the gym, and the other part at mommy and baby centres. Today she even appeared on The Talk to talk about how we can eliminate toxins from our homes. Who are you???

It’s trippy.

But I guess if you have children, you have to sort your sh-t out. She did.

And she also dresses them all cute and steezy. I have never, ever been able to resist Harlow’s face. And now Sparrow, in his leather jacket and baby curls…it’s too much, even for me, and I don’t like infants.

Photos from FAME