If true…am all over it. If true, at least she’s not like the other twats.

I have a thing for Nicole Richie. And this would certainly add to it.

So instead of complaining and fighting and resisting and denying like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie will apparently appear in court today and plead guilty or no contest to her second DUI. A judge is then expected to sentence her on the spot – 5 days behind bars is the minimum and word is she has accepted the time and wishes to do so without fanfare, though it’s not known right now if she’ll turn herself in before or after her interview with Diane Sawyer. Or maybe, like a true media master, Nicole will conduct her interview from prison!

Whatever the case, it’s a good move. She drove under the influence on the wrong side of a freeway. Fighting it is therefore futile. Facing it however is a brilliant move.

Well done.

PS. I still say Nicole’s mugshot is the best of the lot. She looks cute, non?