Joel Madden and Good Charlotte arrived at the weekend in Toronto to open for Justin Timberlake’s two shows. Conspicuously absent however was Nicole Richie. Considering Nicole and Joel have been inseparable through their NYC swing and also last Friday in DC (attached), Nicole was obviously expected to join Joel in Canada.

However, my sources tell me exclusively that the reason Nicole hasn’t made the trip is because Canada Customs allegedly wouldn’t let her in the country. Last time she was here, you recall, it was before her plea deal and her court case was still pending. This time her criminal record has changed – as such, the Canadian government is supposedly not so keen on welcoming her across the border…which raises an interesting question: Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton is scheduled to start shooting Repo Opera in Toronto in September. Word is the production company will have to spend quite a bit of money to secure her entry.

Perhaps as Canadians we should let our government know – We don’t want that festering disease!!! Keep that sh-t out of here!!!