Ugh. It’s that word again. Bachelorette. So lame.

After I advocated for using Stag yesterday – click here if you missed it – many of you offered Doe as the female alternative. But... that’s almost the same. It’s Bambi’s mother. It’s not the same.

That article was in relation to Katy Perry and Rihanna in Vegas with the girls to mark Katy’s upcoming wedding. This weekend Nicole Richie also went away with her friends, to Mexico, for the same reason. But it’s also her birthday today. She’s now 29. And about to be married which, presumably, is why Christina Aguilera is wearing that t-shirt.

Anyway, boot season is upon us. And it’s the first for the House of Harlow. She actually has a boot called the Lainey. I wanted really badly for it to be an oxford but it’s actually a full calf, not really my personal flavour. I like the Jackson buckle bootie but not as much as the Kurt Geigers I bought in London and overall, though I was super excited about her shoe line, for the price and by the design, it’s a little deflating...

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