As you know, Gwyneth Paltrow is running a fitness business now with her trainer Tracy Anderson. They’ve been slowly recruiting some high profile clients including Jessica Simpson, Ellen Pompeo, and now Nicole Richie and Jennifer Lopez.

The workouts now have become a giant group pimp.

Here’s Nicole leaving the gym on Monday. And as for the video below…

Nicole “drops in” on Tracy’s newest dvd, full hair and makeup, to do some dance aerobics while listening to JLo’s beats. Watch Tracy gush – about Nicole’s ability to pick up the moves so quickly, about how she juggles being a mom of two and still manages to stay healthy and fit, about Nicole’s amazing “designs”, and about being “obsessed” with JLo’s “awesome” new song.

I won’t lie. The dance part looks super fun. I do want to try it. But as a part of my overall, diverse fitness programme that includes strength training, running, swimming, hiking, etc. The problem with “The Method” is that for women, Anderson doesn’t recommend repetitive exercises like running and disagrees with lifting more than 3 lbs on either side, therefore promoting, essentially, only one body type. How realistic is that? And, frankly, how fair?

But the ass kissing is SO entertaining. If you can stand it.

PS. Many of you have continued to write to Hayley, my trainer, for advice on your own fitness needs. She’s been replying to everyone. We’ll get her page up and running soon. Right now she’s busting my ass in preparation for Barbados. Yesterday she had me on all legs. I can barely walk now. Her favourite torture move lately has been to loop my back foot onto a rope with a lunge.

So position yourself in a lunge, right leg forward, lift your back foot, suspend it onto a rope with a loop on the end of it (I guess you could use a bench or a ball if you don’t cheat) and lunge and lean back, putting weight onto your back foot for support, really stretching out your inner thighs and firing your glutes. Here’s where it kills you though: lift up from the lunge, then go back down into the lunge, and while you’re in the down position, HOP on the right foot. Lift yourself right off the ground, as high as you can, on one leg, then drop down immediately back into the lunge.

Repeat the lunge, then lift, then lunge, then hop 10 times. Then switch legs. And repeat 3 times. If you’re doing it right it’s a goddamn f-cking bitch.

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